Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Turning 37

Back at the end of December I celebrated my 37th birthday. My morning started by taking my 10 year old son to 7:00 AM mass because he was an altar server. On the way home we stopped and got some birthday donuts to share with everyone.

We are not into grand celebrations, but Brendan took the day off from work and we spent the day together as a family. At some point Brendan made some excuse to leave and brought me back these gorgeous flowers. I let each of my three kids pick a board game and I played each one with them. I made something for dinner and we ate at home.

Lots of my friends and family asked if I made myself some fancy cake. The answer is: No. I made myself homemade cinnamon rolls. And not just any cinnamon rolls, but the most delicious and yummy cinnamon rolls I have ever made or probably eaten in my life. They were huge, soft, and gooey. I made a delicious cream cheese frosting that sent the rolls from great to FANTASTIC! And the best thing, the recipe made 17 rolls. So we had rolls the next morning and later the next day for a snack! We stuck a candle in one of the rolls and my kids and husband sang "Happy Birthday" to me.

After the rolls I opened my awesome gift. It is a heated mattress pad! If you have never had one, just imagine your cold, chilly bed preheated to a cozy warm temperature. Aaaah, I've enjoyed it everyday since!


nikki said...

Dude. Cinnamon rolls rock! Now I'm hungry. Happy Belated Birthday!

The Church Lady said...

Happy belated Birthday Heather! Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

I am enjoying my heating blanket (just got it) as you are enjoying your heated mattress pad! Now, I look forward to getting into my warm and cozy bed.

p.s. The cinnamon rolls...drool.

Rachel said...

Wow, these look fantastic! What a great idea for a birthday treat. Happy birthday!

janet said...

If I was better with mail you would have received the card closer to your bday! But all my family and friends will tell you the Post Office and I are not friends- at all! lol

I'm drooling over those rolls- delish looking!