Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun Monday - Purse Edition

This week our Fun Monday hostess is Church Lady over in PA and her assignment is to post a picture of our purse and describe the contents kept within the purse. Little did I know that our pictures would be VERY similar!

This is my purse I've been carrying for quite some time now. It was a gift from my awesome sister-in-law and I love how bright and fun it is.

The inside contents are pretty much what are always in my purse, although I usually have mints, which are absent right now from the inside. Here's a pic:

So lets see: There is a cell phone, a baggie with Tylenol, my son's prayer book, my sons spare pair of glasses, a pay stub from a parking spot at the train station,two post-it note pads, my wallet, the post card with the eye doctor's new address on it, tissues, my van insurance card, old move stubs and a movie coupon, two packs of gum for the kids, 6 pens, antibacterial hand lotion, coupons, my coupon organizer, old grocery lists, old receipts from Meijer and Menards, an expired Children's Place coupon, a reusable bag, my periodontist appointment card, a Fannie Mae gift card, my two PADS assignment tags, and crackers.

Now that that is done, I need to go and clean my purse! Go check out everyone else's purse!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two Days, Two Teeth

My six year old daughter has been nursing two loose teeth in the front of her mouth for several weeks now. Every opportunity she could find to wiggle those teeth she took advantage of. If her fingers weren't manipulating them back and forth, her tongue would do the job. My husband captured her wiggling her teeth on video and uploaded it to his blog for all to see.

Yesterday the first tooth came out shortly before we were due to leave for swim lessons (thank goodness!). Emma had managed to turn it completely sideways in her mouth and I urged her to keep wiggling it until it came out. She was very excited to tell her Dad and could not wait for a visit from the Tooth Fairy last night. (She was up by 6:00 AM looking to see if there was a dollar under her pillow.)

Tonight the Tooth Fairy will be coming again! Just about 15 minutes ago Emma came running into the laundry room with a slightly bloody mouth shouting, "My other tooth came out! My other tooth came out!" Sure enough, I looked down at her and the neighbor to the tooth she lost on Monday was nowhere in sight.

"Where is it?" I asked.

"I don't know," was her reply.

She somehow bumped her lip on the couch and it dislodged her tooth. Now she's sporting a full on hockey player's grin and the realization that she is going to miss out on the entire corn on the cob season this summer.

And that the Tooth Fairy will be making another visit tonight.