Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Living Far Away From Those You Love

When I moved to Aurora, IL 12 years ago, I didn't think about how hard it would be to be away from my family in Ohio.  I knew we wouldn't get to see each other as often s we had when we lived in Cleveland, but we would make it work.  And we have.

We go home at least three times a year and my parents come out here at least three to four times a year.  My sister used to come out every summer with her three girls when they were younger and my brothers have been out a few times with their families when they were making a trip to Chicago.

But now that there is a health crisis with my parents, it feels like there is a million miles between us instead of the mere 300 from here to Findlay.  In the Spring of this year my Dad was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer.  He scheduled his surgery in July, but then my mom came down with what we thought was pneumonia.  Turns out it wasn't.  Her left lung filled up twice with fluid, but no pneumonia.  The doctors don't know why this is happening.  (Don't get me started on her general practitioner - aaargh!)

What has been discovered are two large growths on her spleen.  She is due to have a needle biopsy today.  I wish I could be there with all my might.  But I have responsibilities and 300 miles between us.  It doesn't make sense for me to go until we know what is going on.  For now she is stable and doing okay.  My dad is there and capable of taking care of her.  My sister and brother are going to go up and be with her.  I am so thankful that they will be there.

I sure wish I was.