Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Fun

Since it seems we can't get away from the white fluffy stuff just yet, I thought I'd post some pictures of my family having fun in it. This is from a sledding trip a little earlier this winter.

This is my oldest walking up the hill with his sled.

This is my middle child. She was thrilled when I bought her pink snow pants last year (thank goodness they still fit!) instead of the usual black hand-me down snow pants from her brother that she usually has to wear.

This is my youngest. She got pretty tired walking up and down the hill all afternoon, but had a great time anyways!

Here's my youngest again with her dad. We only have one sled that multiple riders can go on, so Brendan and I went on a lot of rides with the kids.

Brendan caught this photo of all the kids and I trekking up the hill once again. By this time the toes in my right foot were a block of ice, and I decided that after one last run I was going back to the van for some hot chocolate!

And finally, some pictures of the parents, who probably enjoyed the day sledding as much as the kids. (Nothing like flying down a hill on a piece of molded plastic to make you feel like a kid again!)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pig Cookies

I made these little piggy cookies yesterday for my daughter's second grade class. They spent almost a month reading Charlotte's Web and yesterday took the big test over the whole book. Today they are watching the movie and I thought these would be the perfect treat to eat during the show.

They are really easy to make and don't even need any cookie cutters! Take your favorite sugar cookie dough and roll it out. Cut into circles with a drinking glass. Use a small spice jar or extract lid to cut out the small circle for the snout. (I actually used the large side of a frosting decorating tip.) Cut out a small square out of the dough scraps. Cut in half into two triangles. Place at top of circle like two ears. Cut two slits into the snout with sharp knife. Sprinkle with pink sanding sugar and use two chocolate chips for eyes. Bake as directed. Simple, cute, and yummy!