Friday, August 29, 2008

A New Teacher

For the better part of August I've been waiting for a letter or a phone call from Zoe's speech teacher letting us know what days and times she will be attending speech class this year. I waited and waited until finally last Friday I called the Early child Learning Center where she goes to find out the information. They told me something about how the teachers don't come in until Monday and that they will be contacting me sometime next week (now this week). So Tuesday I still hadn't heard anything and decided to call again to see what was going on. This time I was told the speech teachers didn't come in until Wednesday, and that they would be calling me by the end of the week.

So today when the phone rang and my caller ID showed it was the ECLC I was relieved and a little excited to find out what Zoe's days and times would be. However, I was not prepared for what I heard. The woman on the other end of the line said politely, "Hello my name is Miss Anna _________, I'll be your child's speech teacher this year."

WHAT? That's the first thing that went through my mind. What did this woman just say? She would be my child's speech teacher. But this can't be right. Miss Jan is Zoe's teacher. She wasn't supposed to have a new teacher. So without saying all of this, I quickly stammer and say, "What was that? I thought Miss Jan was Zoe's teacher."

To which I get the polite reply, "Miss Jan took a job closer to home."

Oh. I am in shock at this point and try to compose myself. "Umm, what did you say your name was?"

"Miss Anna _________________"

But because Zoe is talking I have to ask her a third time what her name is. And, I'm not only using a line for her last name because I don't want to reveal her name on my blog, but because I still don't know what it is.

I say something completely stupid, like, "Umm, oh my daughter adored Miss Jan, but I'm sure she'll do great with you."

But I don't believe it completely. I'm sure Miss Anna is great, but Miss Jan was AMAZING. Not only did Zoe love her and improve dramatically in her speech, but I loved her. It's like a punch in the gut knowing Zoe won't have her this year. All summer Zoe talked about how she couldn't wait to see Miss Jan again, and as the date approached, I know she was getting more and more excited. And honestly, so was I. Miss Jan has a great energy and knew how to get the best out of my little girl.

Then I thought, I have to break the news to Zoe. I did and she had about three or four weepy minutes where she muttered, "I don't know about this." And I let her have them. But then, she brightened and I reminded her how she had liked the other speech teacher (a different one from Miss Anna) she had to go with on the few days when Miss Jan had conferences. And she thought maybe her new teacher would do fun stuff, too. And maybe even some new things. And I joined in her new found hope and happiness about her new teacher because I want her to have a great experience with Miss Anna.

But inside I didn't believe what I was selling. It will be hard to measure up to Miss Jan. But I'm going to give Miss Anna a chance. It's the only thing I can do.

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Irish Coffeehouse said...

Change can be so hard- for both parents and children. But with change new things are brought to the table that can be great to feast over also.

I know it's hard. But I think everything will work out wonderfully! :)