Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Knitting Projects

So I have gotten very busy with knitting, and enjoy it very much. My only fear with knitting is that it is going to be like all my other creative passions - things I LOVED doing for awhile (even several years), but now don't do or do very infrequently (scrapbooking, cross stitching, cake decorating, stamping and making my own cards, etc., etc.) I am afraid I will amass my supplies (knitting needles and yarn) and then never use them again.

Despite these fears, though, I am knitting quite frequently and really do enjoy the creative process. I currently have a rule to have no more than two knitting projects going on at once, in order to make sure I finish them. (I started a scarf that took me two months to knit, mostly because the pattern was boring, even for a beginner like me.)

I have had some orders from my kids, and I have made some gifts already. So, I decided to share some pictures of my finished projects here, today.

My Shamrock Dishcloth - first project finished, (2nd started) - didn't turn out very pretty, but it's for me and it washes dishes just fine

Two Rubber Ducky dishcloths for my brother-in-law - second and third projects I finished, thought these looked pretty nice aside from the ugly cast on edge

Seed Stitch Dishcloth - mainly just wanted to see what seed stitch looked like, made for us, cleans dishes well.

My first Bunny Blankie Buddy - Know several pregnant people, wanted to make a practice bunny to make sure I could do it. Was really proud of this one until I made my second one - you'll see what I mean! (Gave this to my youngest daughter, she loves it.)

My second Bunny Blankie Buddy (in blue) - See what I mean? So much better all the way around. Gave this to my older daughter. She too loves hers.

Dishcloth for my mom for Mother's Day - Don't worry, she does not read my blog. Loved how this one turned out.

Second dishcloth for my mom - Her favorite color is yellow.

Third dishcloth for my mom - Wanted to have a set of three for her. (Can't wait to give them to her!)

Hat for my son - I'm making three of these, this one in black was for my son, making a purple and pink one for the two girls

The infamous two month scarf - here it is!

That's all for now, but I'll try and keep posting some of my work here as I finish items.

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Teresa said...

Knitting is awesome! I enjoy knitting and crocheting myself. Wish I had more time for it! :) I like those blankie buddies! So cute!!