Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sundae Cake Pops

Emma, my 3rd grade daughter, asked me if I could make a special treat for her class for the last week of school. I happened to be subbing at the school the week before and asked her teacher if that would be okay. She said it was fine, so I decided to make Bakerella's Sundae Cake Pops. AS you know, I received the book for my birthday from my sister and had up to this point only made some simple Christmas ones. But these seemed like the perfect treat for an end of the year, "Yay, summer is here!" kind of day, so I set about making them.

I used chocolate fudge cake with chocolate frosting for the cake balls. A seriously excellent combination. I decided to add a few new colors than just pink (being there are boys in the class, too), so there were some white and yellow cones, too. I set to cutting all the cones down to size with my knife and then re-packaged them carefully in their styrofoam container and then in a plastic bag to stay fresh. I made all the pops on Memorial Day thinking Emma would take them to school on Tuesday. However, Emma came down with a 24 hour flu that left her throwing up half the night and a 103ºF fever. So after all the dipping, the cake pops were put into Tupperware containers to save for a day and went to school on Wednesday to enjoy during a class movie.

The kids really loved them (and one girl absolutely had to have the "messed up one"), and Emma's teacher liked them so much she ordered two dozen for her daughter's 14th birthday party! I made them exactly the same for the girl's party except added some purple ones. Definitely a fun and tasty treat to make!

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Jo and Sue said...

These are so cute! I definitely want to try and make these!! Great job :)