Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Misunderstanding Of Meaning - Part 2

Last night as we were getting the kids ready for bed, Ian noted how he has a very busy week. "I have karate, pajama day at school, and I have to get ass on my forehead."

Brendan and I looked at each other and said, "What do you have to do, Ian?"

"I have karate, pajama day at school, and I have to get ass on my forehead on Wednesday," Ian replied.

At this point, Brendan erupts into a belly laugh and doubles over with laughter. I try to contain myself, as I don't want to hurt Ian's feelings. "Oh right, Ash Wednesday. You have to get ashes on your forehead."

It will be so nice when Ian's two front teeth grow in.


Brendan said...

I come off looking sort of mean in this post. I did laugh pretty hard, but I had not intention of hurting Ian's feelings. It was just a funny thing to say, and created quite the image in my head.

I hope my sister doesn't read this post. It's gonna give her more ammunition

Heather said...

I didn't think you were being mean, it just is what happened.

Anonymous said...

This reminds of the Saturday morning many years ago when I sat "watching" Brendan and Kevin as their Mother got to sleep late. They were watching a Daffy Duck cartoon in which Daffy was Superduck conplete with an big "S" on his chest and a red cape. I was drinking coffee and barely awake when an explosion occured and Daffy's Superduck costum was blown to shreds. Kevin came over to me and said "Daddy, they shot his S off!" That woke me up.

Anonymous said...

Of course I am going to read this and use it against you. You are mean and make fun of everyone else in your life...why would I expect you to be any different with your children!

Anonymous said...

And to make up for it - I think you should shave your head.

Brendan said...

You know what I find funny - or maybe a little sad - is that elizabeth has conjured this image of who i am that is probably based on me at age 16, when i was moody, angsty, and angry at everyone (though mostly mom and dad). the vodka and crystal meth didn't help much either.

anyway, she holds on to this image of me as an angry man like she clings every night to the white oversized teddy bear she got in second grade.

it's the past sister. let it go. update your world views. i've moved on. so should you.

Anonymous said...

2 responses to that:
1.) You are still angry and angsty, and still towards mom and dad,
2.) You are guilty of the same thing! admit that you have a hard time remembering that I am an adult with a career, and not some 15 year old valley girl spending my weekends at the mall.
I love you even if you are angry and angsty - I like you that way.

Anonymous said...

also - his name was "snowball" and he is a very special teddy bar.