Monday, February 27, 2006

A Misunderstanding Of Meaning

In the fall I bought Ian a picture Bible that he has read many times. It is set up like a comic book, so it combined two of Ian's favorite things, knowledge of God and comic books. When he first received it, he read all 800 or so pages in about a week. Since then he has read and re-read various parts of it.

Ian's teacher, Miss Bennett, sends a letter home almost every Friday, detailing the weeks events and what is coming up next week. As Lent begins this Wednesday, in last Friday's letter she mentioned that the whole school will be writing down a sacrifice that they will make during the 40 days of Lent. These will be put on display in the hallways, and although she said she would be discussing what a sacrifice was before each student chose and wrote one down, she wanted us to go over what might be an appropriate sacrifice for a first grader to make.

So, yesterday while Ian was having a snack at the dinner table, I brought up the topic of sacrifces. I said that on Ash Wednesday, the season of Lent begins. I went on to explain that during Lent, Catholics often make a sacrifice for the 40 days. I mentioned that all the students in his school would be making a sacrifice for Lent, and that on Monday he would have to tell his teacher what his sacrifice would be. Before I got a chance to explain what a sacrifice was, Ian blurted out, "I can't make a sacrifice. I don't have anything to kill!"

Brendan and I just about fell on our butts laughing. After we recovered and explained that he would really be giving up something he decided he would give up playing his Gameboy for Lent. A good choice, I think.

Ian informed me after school that a sacrifice was supposed to be something hard, not easy, so he decided that since he doesn't play his Gameboy that much, he would give up TV for Lent instead. It's going to be a tough and long 40 days!

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Anonymous said...

Bumper and I are both very glad you explaioned that to him.