Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I Can't Wait Until April 2!

All three of my children woke up at 5:40 AM this morning. Zoe, who regularly sleeps until 7:30, was crying and I knew I would have to get up with her. I went into her room, and although the sun was peeking through the sides of her blinds, I told her it was still "night night" time and that she had to go back to sleep. I proceeded to pick her up, sit with her in the rocking chair, wrap her up in her blanket, and rock. As this is going on, I hear Emma looking for me in my bed. After a few tears, she goes downstairs to look for me there. Upon not finding me, she becomes very concerned and goes to consult her big brother Ian. After talking with him for a few seconds, she decides that asking her dad, who is showering, would be the best method to finding me. I am still rocking Zoe at this time and keep hoping Brendan hurries up so he can grab Emma and Ian if need be and usher them downstairs so that they don't interrupt Zoe going back to sleep. Emma went into the bathroom and scared the hell out of Brendan, who told her I was either in bed or probably in with Zoe. Emma knew I wasn't in bed, and didn't think I was in with Zoe. Brendan, hoping to finish showering and getting dressed without any further near heart attacks, sent Emma out of the bathroom. Emma went back to her room and chatted with Ian about my possible whereabouts once again. I then heard a loud whisper outside of Zoe's door, "Mom, are you in there?" It was Emma. I didn't answer her, Zoe was looking very heavy eyed and I didn't want to risk it. Emma repeated herself, in the same loud whisper. Again, no response from me. I hear her heading back to her room to talk to Ian once more. He must have advised her that I probably couldn't hear her because she was whispering, because her next question, in a quiet tone, not a whisper, was "Mom, can you hear me?" I wrestled with whether to respond or not. On the one hand, if I let her know where I was, she would hopefully stop bugging me. (I have trained the older two kids pretty well on not coming into the room when I'm with Zoe during a sleep time.) If I don't tell her, she'll keep asking if I'm there until she gets the information she wants. But telling her risks the balance of putting a sleepy two year old back to bed. Three year olds are very persistent, and Emma is no exception. Because of this I decide to let her know where I am with a loud "shhhhhh." Zoe isn't bothered too much, and Emma is happy to know where I am. She informs Brendan of my location and happily goes downstairs with him for some juice. I lay Zoe back down in her crib, grab my bathrobe, and head downstairs myself, where I am greeted by Brendan, Emma, and Ian. It was 5:55.

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