Monday, April 16, 2007

This Is Going To Be So Much Fun

I bought Ian a shirt at Kohl's today. With the shirt came a little personal FM radio that looked somewhat like an iPod. The shirt is for next year (I bought it on clearance at 80% off) but the radio looked like fun, and given Ian's interest in iPod's I thought he would enjoy it now. So, cutting it off the hanger, I opened it, plugged in the included headphones and handed it to Ian. He immediately sat down at the kitchen table, opened our newest issue of Family Fun, and listened to the radio for the next half hour.

The rest of the evening was pretty much the same, Ian listening to his new radio every moment he could. When it was time to go to Boy Scouts, he brought his new radio to listen in the van. He asked me what I was listening to ( 93.1 WXRT) and then I asked him what he was listening to. He said, "The River," and went back to listening to his music.

About two minutes later he announces in the too loud voice of someone who hasn't listened to a lot of music through headphones that there was a really good song on the River. "At least in my opinion it's good," Ian said. "It's called 'Rock Sled.'"

Upon hearing the title my interest was really piqued, so I turned the van radio to the River to hear this good song. It was "Roxanne" by The Police. I suppressed a chuckle, enjoyed listening to Rock Sled and then got to hear Legs by ZZ Top, which Ian also thought was a good song.

I'm glad Ian's developing his own taste in music, and can't wait to hear the names of some of his newest discoveries now that he has his own radio.

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