Thursday, August 16, 2007

Emma's Birthday Cake

Emma's fifth birthday party was August 4, a full week before her actual birthday, but the only weekend we could do it as we were in Wisconsin for her actual birthday. So, we invited a gaggle of five and six year old girls over to celebrate with Emma in the backyard.

Her theme was Little Mermaid/ Under the sea. Initially we had plans for a mermaid cake, not necessarily Ariel. However, Emma bought an Ariel Barbie doll at a garage sale early in the summer and decided she wanted a cake with Ariel on top. So, I came up with this little cake which she was thrilled with. I wasn't entirely happy with the outcome, I had visions of water breaking over the rock and maybe a few other neat details, but they did not materialize.

The girls played in two little pools we set up and on a slip and slide. Only one week from Ian's Pirate Party, Emma wanted to play many of the same games, so preparations for her party were pretty easy. We played treasure search in the sandbox where each of the girls took turns trying to see how many gold coins they could find in 30 seconds. We made an under the sea door hanger that each girl could take home at the end of the party. We had a water balloon toss which was incredibly cute. I don't think any of the girls stepped more than three to four feet away from one another! Probably the all time favorite game was the Mermaid Walk, renamed from the Walk the Plank game at Ian's party and repeated over and over by the party attendees. The girls each walked on a wooden plank that was stretched across a kiddie pool.

We then opened presents, ate cake, which many of the girls admired, and hit the butterfly pinata. We ended with a treasure hunt for the goodie bags. It was a fun little party.

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