Thursday, August 30, 2007

School Is Back In Session

August is coming to an end and school is back in full swing. I'm getting up at about 6:15 everyday, making sure the kids are up (they have been up all three days so far, but once the newness wears off, I expect to occasionally have to rouse a kid at 6:40 or so.) I am now packing two lunches everyday, since my kids' school doesn't have hot lunches, and Emma is now in full day kindergarten!

Ian and Emma's first day was Tuesday and despite all of Ian's grumbling about the new school year starting, he was up and ready to go just like his little sister. Emma was up and dancing and singing about how it was her first day of kindergarten. She was ready quickly and couldn't wait to get dressed in her uniform. And while I remember thinking how grown up Ian looked in his navy blue uniform shorts and white shirt on his first day of kindergarten, there's nothing like a little girl's plaid uniform to really make it hit home that your child is growing up. Emma looked absolutely darling in her jumper and could barely contain her excitement.

After some obligatory first day of school photos in front of the garage, we loaded up into the van to head to Good Counsel. Brendan was with us, which made everything a little more special for Ian and Emma. We said our morning prayers on the way to picking up Hunter and Erin (our carpool kids) and had some excited chatter in the back of the van. Then, as our fifteen minute trip was nearing its end, Emma got quieter and quieter. She was definitely nervous, but putting up a stiff upper lip.

We dropped off Ian, Erin and Hunter and went to park on the street because the parking lot was completely full. On our short walk over to the kindergarten line we ran into Emma's pre-school friends and their parents. We snapped some photos and complimented each little girl on how nice they looked in their uniform. Then before we knew it, the kids were going into their classroom and kindergarten (and third grade) had begun.

Emma went in without incident and proclaimed on her arrival home that she loved kindergarten.

Yesterday was her first full day with lunch in the cafeteria, which went well despite a classmate's bloody nose. She bought chocolate milk without incident and loves her new Barbie purse shaped lunchbox.

Emma's off and growing up. Not sure when that happened.

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