Thursday, September 13, 2007

Second Day of Speech

Well, Zoe went to speech again today. It went a little differently today than two days ago. She started crying at home and I had to carry her limp body out to the van to get her to go. She calmed down on the way there and cheered up when I asked her if she wanted to play on the blue dinosaur before going to speech.

She happily played in the lobby of the Early Childhood Learning Center until Miss Laurie came out to get her class. "Where's Miss Jan?" Zoe asked. "She'll be coming soon," I assured her.

Sure enough, a minute later Miss Jan comes out with her little charges looking for their moms. I tell Zoe it is time to go and she grabs my legs and begins crying and saying, "I don't want to go to speech."

While the other four kids are fine going back into the classroom, Zoe is not. I walk (drag) her over to Miss Jan where I peel her hands off from around my knees and hand one hand to Miss Jan all while Zoe is wailing, "I don't want to go. I want Mommy." I tell her I love her and that I will be there waiting when she is done. I try hard not to let the tears that are filling my eyes to spill out. That would not have been helpful at all.

Zoe goes with Miss Jan and I leave quickly. As I got into my van I made sure my cell phone was turned on in case her teacher has to call me. So I left and ran to two stores and got back to the school with 10 minutes to spare - no phone calls. I was definitely anxious to see how she did.

When Zoe came out she ran to me all smiles and her teacher said she was completely different this time. Apparently Zoe talked Miss Jan's ear off today. Miss Jan also informed me that her son, now 21 years old, spoke exactly like Zoe does. So, she is very tuned to understanding a child like Zoe. I have to admit I'm thrilled with Miss Jan thus far. She really has handled Zoe well and at the same time has reassured me about Zoe's placement here.

But the biggest treat of all was Zoe's comment as we left school today. "I like speech now. I'm not going to cry when we go anymore." Amen to that!

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