Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Planned Parenthood Opening

Planned Parenthood's largest abortion clinic in the United States opened today, practically in my backyard. Despite pro-lifers continued prayerful and peaceful protests, PP opened their doors this morning two weeks after their planned opening on September 18.

This saddens and sickens me in so many ways. This clinic is located in the Oakhurst area of Aurora, right down the street from my church and a large public high school. I attended the August rally in which over 1200 peaceful protesters of every age and race gathered to denounce Planned Parenthood's deception and disgusting practices of offering abortion on demand. And the number of supporters of PP there that day? 12 (and that's being generous.)

I don't understand how anyone can believe that killing an unborn child is okay. How can the same people who think war and animal cruelty is an abomination, but that it is simply fine to murder an innocent child who CAN FEEL PAIN? I don't understand it and I am sorry that I now live in the city that has the horrible distinction of housing the largest abortion clinic in the US.

Aurora used to be a wonderful place to live. While Planned Parenthood and their abortion mill are here, I can no longer say that.


Patriot said...

I agree with you - and I'm glad to see there were so many there to protest.

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Anonymous said...

No one wants an abortion, but it is completely legal. There will always be abortions even if they are illegal. Try to think that the facility will also provide birth control so women will never need the abortion service. When abortion is illegal, sorry when it was many women still wanted abortion so badly they would risk (& sometimes lose) their life. Safe legal abortion is better than unsafe illegal abortion. It is a free country, people are free to make many stupid choices, smoke, overeat get an abortion.