Monday, May 12, 2008

Neighborly Good-Bye

For the last almost two years we've lived on an amazing street in a humble little subdivision in Illinois. Our neighbors are fun, and their kids are nice and always willing to play. This past Spring two of our neighbors on our side of the street have moved. One just to Michigan, but another good neighbor left today for Beijing, China.

Since we moved in these neighbors welcomed us warmly and always made us feel a part of the street. Their son and daughter played frequently with my kids and I talked to their mom often. I didn't meet their Dad until late this winter and managed to embarrass myself as I attended their daughter's birthday party wearing my Ohio State jersey and bragged about how Ohio State beat Michigan, not knowing he went to grad school at Michigan. He forgave me, since they scheduled the party to start before the end of the game.

Here is a picture of all the girls from our side of the street. The third one from the left is the one who played with my Emma regularly. Her brother was just as nice and sweet. We wish them a safe trip, an interesting and fun new life in China, and many wonderful experiences. You will be sadly missed by all of us here.

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