Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chalk Drawings

What do you do on a beautiful autumn day, especially when that day is the day before October starts?

You fill your driveway with chalk drawings of spooky Halloween creatures, of course!

And that's exactly what I did this afternoon with my two daughters.

There were black cats (1st drawing - mine, 2nd drawing - Zoe (age 5):

And jack o'lanterns (1st drawing - mine, 2nd drawing - Emma (age 7), 3rd drawing - Zoe):

A couple of mummies (1st drawing - mine, 2nd drawing - Zoe):

A few adorable spiders (1st drawing - mine, 2nd drawing - Zoe):

Some scary bats (1st drawing - Emma, 2nd drawing - Zoe)

Some not-so-scary skeletons (1st drawing - mine, 2nd drawing - Zoe)

Two cackling witches, and one that reminds me of the green witch from the Looney Tunes cartoons (1st drawing - mine, 2nd drawing - Zoe, 3rd drawing - Zoe)

Ghosts (both drawings - Zoe):

And last, but not least, our blood sucking vampire boys (1st drawing - mine, 2nd drawing - Zoe's, 3rd drawing - Zoe's)

Now we're all set for Halloween decorations, as long as it doesn't rain!


Living Life said...

Wow! I see some real artists in your family! I love the one of Zoe sitting on the driveway! So cute!! They should make permanent chalk just like permanent marker!

MommyWizdom said...

Those are awesome! What fun you guys had!

I invite you to post your Halloween creations at my blog - I'm showcasing all week long...