Monday, October 05, 2009

Do You Believe?

My ten year old son still believes in Santa Claus. Except, he doesn't. Actually, it's a bit complicated what he believes. But he is right there on the edge of fantasy and reality. Starting to realize that the Easter bunny and Santa are a bit implausible. Especially the bunny.

He keeps asking me if Santa is real. Except he does it in front of his seven and five year old sisters. I always say I'd be happy to talk to him about it, in private. This has only stoked the fires of skepticism inside of him.

Yesterday he got a hold of my electronic organizer and was looking through it. I thought little of it until he said, "Mom, I found a list on here called 'Ian'. And on the list is everything I got in my stocking last year." So, I waited. He gave me a look like, "I'm onto you." But didn't say anything more.

About a half an hour later, he asks me how the Easter bunny got the Easter eggs in our house while we were in Ohio. (He told me a big pink bunny hopping all around the world is a bit unbelievable.) But he couldn't figure out how his mom and dad, who were in Ohio the entire weekend with him, got Easter eggs all over the house here in Illinois.

I asked him if he would like to know the truth. He giggled nervously but said he was afraid to know.

He is right there at that point where he is old enough to know, but is not sure if he wants to know or not. I think he believes Santa and the Easter bunny are not real, and that his Dad and I might be those characters, but he isn't quite ready to give up the joy and magic of Santa. And maybe the thought that with Santa, he could get almost anything he desired, but not so if it's us. I don't know for sure what it is , but I'm enjoying the ride.


Living Life said...

Oh Heather! I am feeling your dilemna. My girls are now 11 and 13Their curious minds led them on a hunt for their Christmas gifts that I had stashed away last year. They saw EVERYTHING, because I had not wrapped it. I did not know about it until months after Christmas. Needless to say, they are well aware that Santa does not exist, except for the "Spirit of Santa who enters the hearts of Mom and Dad every year."

Growing up, I continued to receive gifts from "Santa", so I will probably continue that tradition with my own kids. After all, it is a magical and special time of year.

Sounds like you are handling it very well. I am sure Ian will keep questioning you from time to time. Let your heart be your guide.

I have a really neat poem called "A Child's Wonder". I posted it last Christmas. Here is the link (just copy and paste it to your browser):

Living Life said...

After I went to last year's post of the poem, I saw that you had left a comment on it. Oh well, it is a good read. Happy Monday to you my friend!!

Irish Coffeehouse said...

Love the cupcakes!!! So cute!!!!

Yes, in our house my husband declared the following rule:
Quit believing and quit receiving.

It was his way to keep Santa fun. And yes, the girls still get gifts from Santa even if they will be 14 and 11. lol

Unknown said...

My daughter just started believing in Santa, MHP and I were conflicted as to whether or not we could be good parents for lying. But as she started school and made friends, she learned about Santa so we are just rolling with it for now.