Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Coffee Is Coming!

My side of the family had a very early Christmas this year. We celebrated the first weekend in December and had tons of fun. We also exchanged gifts and my parents got me something I've been wanting for a long time, but being the practical person I am, would not get for myself until my Senseo coffee maker completely stopped working.

They got me a B30 Keurig personal coffee brewer! I have been looking at these for a few years now, and recently thought I might really want one due to the variety of coffee available for it. I especially want to get the "my K cup" so I can use any ground coffee, not just the k cups they sell. Not only will it be more economical, but I will have so many more choices than I had with my Senseo.

The Keurig came with 10 sample k-cups, all different. I have enjoyed some, some are too strong, and I still have a few yet to try.

But tomorrow, my order of k-cups from Keurig should be arriving on my doorstep, and I can't wait! I ordered two flavored coffees, two regular coffees, and a sample of five different flavored coffees. Of all the kinds I ordered, I've only tried one, the Green Mountain Nantucket Blend. The other ones are Green Mountain Spicy Eggnog Coffee, Chocolate Glazed Donut Coffee, and Tully's House Blend Coffee. Now that a definite chill has settled over Illinois, I'll be ready with lots of delicious, steaming hot coffee!


Living Life said...

Oh yes, baby! I looooooove mine! So much, that I purchased another one for our coffee bar upstairs (shhhh! it's a Christmas present for Hubby).

Try the butter toffee flavor by Gloria Jeans - it is soooooo delicious!

janet said...

So exciting! You'll have to do a review and post pics!!!!