Sunday, November 27, 2005

Annual Christmas Photo

Yesterday we attempted to take our annual Christmas photo of the kids. We dress them up, sit them near the tree, and take as many pictures as possible until chaos reigns. It didn't take long for the craziness to take over this year. With three kids, age six, three and 20 months, getting all of them to look at us with their eyes open and a nice smile on their faces was near impossible. Emma insisted on bringing a stuffed teddy bear into the photos, and pouted when I asked to take just a few pictures without the bear. After about ten or so photos, Zoe went running and giggling into the kitchen, whereupon I sent Brendan to chase her down. No sooner had we sat her down with Ian and Emma did she run off again, laughing at us hysterically. There was going to be no more cooperation this morning! So, we ended the photo shoot and I inspected our meager draw of photos. There were a few decent ones with which I was going to have to be happy with. Here are a few of the rejects. You'll have to wait for your Christmas card to see the one that made the final cut!

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