Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Happy Birthdays!

My husband's birthday was this past Sunday, and we had a small celebration to commemmorate the event. He turned 33, and for 54 days, I get to be a whole year younger than him if asked. The kids and I got up early and let him sleep in, then made some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and brought them up to Brendan in bed. The kids get a real kick out of this, and were excited to share the cinnamon rolls with their Dad. After consuming our cinnamony goodness on a plate, we waited until going to my mother-in-law's house for dinner to pass out presents.

Patti, my mom-in-law, made a yummy turkey dinner with my favorite barbecue green beans and hand smashed potatoes, with the beans and potatoes straight from her garden. After dinner Brendan opened his presents and then we had cake. I made his favorite, a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I attempted to make a Darth Vader likeness on the top of the cake with mixed success. It looked like Vader, but was pretty simplistic. I might have done a better job if I'd have had more time to create and plan for a Darth Vader cake. The kids added a Batman, Lumiere (from Beauty and the Beast) and plastic balloons from Nana's special cake decorating stash. By the time the candles were added, the cake was quite festive. It was a fun day. I hope Brendan enjoyed it.

Yesterday (Monday) was my mom's birthday. She was out to our place in October when we celebrated her and my Dad's birthdays. I gave her a quick birthday call to see how her day was going. As usual, my parents went all out and my Dad got my Mom a Magic Bullet Blender for her birthday. They're very sentimental, really.

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