Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Three years ago, when I was pregnant with Zoe, Brendan and I went on a weekend getaway to lovely Racine, Wisconsin. It may not sound exciting or fabulous, but it was a great weekend. We stayed at an absolutely amazing bed and breakfast right on Lake Michigan. We had a view of the lake from the window in our room. The food was exceptional and the welcome warm. In my research on Racine, we discovered they are known for a pastry known as Kringle. It is an oval shaped flaky pastry filled with various yummy fillings in flavors like almond, cream cheese, cherry, pecan, raspberry, and various others. After buying one, taking it back to our room and trying it, we were convinced we had to have more! Before we left for home, we stopped at a local bakery called O&H Danish Bakery and picked up three more kringles, two for us and one for my parents who had watched Ian and Emma all weekend.

To make a long story short, last year and this year we've ordered four kringle at Thanksgiving, one for tomorrow, one for Christmas morning, and two for any other time we want. (It costs the same to ship one kringle as it does to ship four, and they freeze amazingly well.) The kids love the stuff, and so do Brendan and I. It is becoming a bit of a tradition as this will be our third Thanksgiving morning to eat kringle.

Here you see Emma and Zoe helping unload the box of kringle after it was delivered. They don't remember it from last year, but I think will be quick converts when they see the white icing on top. Ian was ecstatic when I told him the kringle arrived on Tuesday. He said it best with, "Yay! Kringle!"

Happy Thanksgiving!

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