Saturday, May 27, 2006

Listen Up Realtors!

I had two scheduled showings this week, and both times the realtors didn't show up. One of those times my realtor called the other realtor to ask him why. He got some cock and bull story from the guy.

This is at least the fourth time we've had scheduled showings and the realtor has not come. What is up with that? For the realtor and his client, it is simply a showing they never show up for. For me, I have to get my house in order (which means telling my kids not to get anything out and eat over the table and DO NOT make any messes), get my kids and sometimes my husband out the door and go somewhere for the hour time frame the realtor gives me. Then, if it happens to be at the dinner hour, I often have to buy my kids and myself some food because by the time I get home and make dinner it will be so late my kids won't want to eat. I know I don't have to spend money when I'm out. We could just go to a park or some other free entertainement place. But when I don't have time to properly load up the diaper bag with snacks and drinks, and the time of the showing is a meal time, I'm obligated to fill up my children's stomachs, or hear their endless groaning and moaning about how they will just die of they don't get something to eat soon.

I think only one realtor has actually called to cancel, and that after the time frame that they were supposed to be here, so we were gone and didn't get the message until we came home. It's one thing if you come for a showing and don't like my house, that's part of the game. But to disrupt my life without any thought to the effect it has on me or my kids is rude. I appreciate the fact that my realtor wouldn't treat other people that way. A courtesy call to let me know that you cancelled should always accompany a no show. It's just rude and I'm frankly getting quite tired of it.

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