Friday, August 03, 2007

Ian's Birthday Cake

Ian had a Pirates of the Caribbean birthday party with several of his neighborhood and school buddies for his 8th birthday last Saturday. We had all kinds of pirate themed games, a pirate chest pinata, and a treasure hunt for the goodie bags at the end of the party.

When I asked Ian what kind of cake he would like, he answered, "A treasure chest."

So, here is a picture of the cake:

I was really pleased with the results. The kids LOVED the chocolate coins and Ian loved his cake.

It is a big cake; I made it with two 13x9 inch cakes cut to make the chest. So we had a lot leftover, which normally would be great in this house, except I have another cake downstairs for this weekend. We are celebrating Emma's birthday and I had to make a Little Mermaid cake. Come back and look for pictures of it being posted soon!

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I am constantly amazed at your talent. I heard about the Mermaid cake and look forward to seeing a picture of it.