Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bunco Babe

Back in January my next door neighbor was hosting a monthly Bunco group that she was a part of and needed a sub last minute. Enter me. She called in the afternoon and asked if I'd be interested in playing. Having never played before, I was both a little nervous and curious. Being that most of the other ladies are from Naperville, I was a bit worried about my appearance. I took some time to straighten my (naturally curly) hair and change my sweater to something a little nicer. I applied makeup and after dinner walked over to my neighbor's house.

I played my first game of Bunco and had a great time. The women were funny and kind, the game was relaxed and filled with talk of kids, husbands, school districts, and reality TV shows. At the end of the night I was awarded a prize for achieving the last Bunco of the evening, as well as getting to pick a prize from the pile that everyone brings. The group was short one regular each month and I was asked if I'd like to join. I did and have played Bunco once a month ever since.

So, last night I played again and didn't have the most wins or the last Bunco, but I did have the most Buncos (3), which results in the biggest prize of the night!!! I received a $15 gift card to Target, and still got to pick a prize from the stash. I was near the end of picking, because they order it so that the person with the most losses gets to choose first and so on down the line. But, there were still lots of great choices left and I got a gift card to Oberweis Dairy - an amazing ice cream place here. It was a fun night!!

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Anonymous said...

I've never played, but my sister in law does!