Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am not by nature a superstitious person. I do not forward on chain letters, a broken mirror doesn't frighten me, and I've even been known to walk under a ladder from time to time. 13 doesn't frighten me, although Friday the 13th can be a fun night. Full moons are beautiful to gaze at and spilled salt gets swept off the table and into the garbage can.

But right now I'm a tiny bit nervous about the mileage on my van. It is 66622. When I was in the 66,500's, I kept thinking how I didn't really want it to get to the 66600's. And when it turned I watched it with a slight feeling of dread. Now I'm thinking of reasons to drive places and actually glad that I have to drive my kids 12 miles round trip to school each morning.

Within a week or so it should be in the 66,700's, but until then I'm driving extra carefully.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you ought to throw the salt over your shoulder until your car reaches 66700!

Alison said...

Hi Heather...hope the 6's didn't get you..just checking in to say HI and hope you are okay...just busy!!