Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Breakin' My Heart

Even though it was announced in February, I still was shocked, though not completely surprised, by the fact that Steve Page has left the Barenaked Ladies.

I have loved BNL for many years. My big brother, Kevin, introduced me to them in the 90's and they quickly became my favorite band of all time. I know Page has had a lot of problems with drug use and poor choices in the last year or two, but I somehow hoped he would get it together. Considering he and Ed Robertson shared a considerable amount of the leads on the songs the group wrote and sang, he will be sadly missed. And since 139 of my 1300+ songs in iTunes are by BNL, I will be reminded often of his mark on the band.

I wish the remaining band members, Jim, Kevin, Ed, and Tyler the best. I will still listen to all of their new music and continue to love them. But I can't help but think I will miss Steve's musical contribution to the group. I have never attended a more fun live show than the Ladies. I hope it will still be as much fun without Steve.


Living Life said...

I have never been a fan of the BNL, probably because of our age difference. I tend to like more classic rock music and heavy metal bands. Of course, I do have an appreciation for all types of music out there! I will have to pay more attention next time they play a BNL song on the radio! Perhaps I do like them and don't even realize it.

Unknown said...

Didn't he leave to seek drug treatment? I like them, but not a huge fan.