Saturday, January 14, 2006

Creative Anatomy

Ever since I can remember, I've had a raised mole between my left shoulder and neck. I have heard all kinds of advice on it, none of it from a licensed practitioner. One woman I babysat for in college told me that I should have it removed because it could be pre-cancerous. My mom tells me that as long as it doesn't change color or size, then it's fine. I have always had it and it is a part of me. Most people who see it think it's gross, or at the least unsightly. It's not enormous, but it is raised and can be wiggled if someone touches it. All three of my kids have been both intrigued and slightly disgusted with it. If I wear a wider cut shirt, it can be seen easily. I'm not embarrassed by it, never thought to be.

Zoe is very interested in my mole and asks to look at it often. I have to sit down and pull my shirt collar over so she can get a good look at it. Sometimes she touches it and makes an "ewww" kind of face, other times she just looks at it and says, "Mo."

This morning Zoe was running around in just her diaper when she stopped to look at herself in our full length mirror. All of a sudden she turns around with a huge grin on her face pointing to one of her little nipples and proudly exclaims, "Mo!" She then points to her other nipple and says again, "Mo!" Then, pointing to Brendan, who had just gotten out of the shower and only had a pair of pants on repeated, "Mo!"

I had the best laugh I've had in a long time.

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