Saturday, January 21, 2006


I had to pluck out six (6!!!) gray hairs from my head this morning. I'm not happy about it. Obviously if there are six hairs in the front of my head that I can see are gray, how many are in the back that I can't see?

I began plucking stray grays in my twenties sometime, but never had to remove more than one, maybe two at a time. This morning I found six. This brings me to a difficult dilemma. Do I color my hair to get rid of the gray? I have NEVER colored my hair. No home dye jobs, no professional coloring jobs, not even a highlight. The closest I've come to coloring my hair at all was to use Sun-in. It didn't do much for me. A few brassy streaks that my hairdresser eventually cut off my head before senior pictures.

Now the reason this is a problem for me is that I subscribe to the philosophy that if you are going to color you're hair, you ought to do it right. That means coloring it regularly so that the roots do not come back in and show the gray. I am just not a regular-get-my-hair-done kind of girl. I have long hair that I wear in a pony tail almost every day right now not because I love it that way, but because I just don't call the salon and make an appointment for myself on a regular basis. Last time I got my hair cut was in March or April of 2005, before my sister-in-law's wedding. I don't usually go this long between cuts, but I just don't feel like I have enough time to do it (plus I obviously don't care that much!)

My husband was no help either. When I complained about the state of my hair he offered no support at all. Probably because he started gong gray years ago and if he tried to pluck every gray hair he would have less than 2/3 of his hair left. He looks great with some gray hair. But most guys do. He told me women don't have to worry about going gray. I said that wasn't true. He said HIS woman doesn't have to worry about going gray. I think it was a compliment.

Anyways, I haven't decided for sure, but I'm guessing I won't color it. I hate seeing women who color their hair, but don't commit to it. Either do it right or don't do it all. And since I can't even get to the salon for a haircut every six weeks, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get there for my required touch ups. I also think I'm too cheap to pay for it. I guess I better learn to like gray.

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