Monday, November 26, 2007

I Wasn't Cold Last Night, But . . .

Yesterday at around lunch time Ian mentioned that he was cold. Brendan said he was cold, too. Now, I'm always cold, so for me to say something like that wouldn't have been surprising. But for my son and husband to say they were cold at essentially the same time was nothing short of amazing.

We ate our lunch, however and didn't give it much more thought until an hour later. Brendan was walking by the thermostat in the hallway and looked at it. It read 66 degrees F. Strange since we have it set at 68. So I came over to look at it and pressed "Run Program" figuring that would fix the problem. No dice. I decide to go down into the basement to look at the furnace. This of course was futile as I know absolutely nothing about how a furnace should run. I go back upstairs and tell Brendan the furnace is buzzing, but it doesn't sound too weird. He says, "Okay," and keeps checking the strands of Christmas lights for burnt out bulbs. I decide to try something new and I push the thermostat up to 70 degrees. I listen carefully and hear the familiar click of the thermostat, but no furnace running. I now go and report this to my Christmas light stringing husband and he finally decides to go down to the basement to look at the furnace. Through his dutiful inspection we discover that there is no flame coming on to heat the air that is to be blown through the house. Uh Oh.

Brendan calls the furnace guy (on a Sunday) and this is what I hear of Brendan's end of the conversation: "Well, we'll take a Monday appointment then. Between 8:00 and 10:00 AM, fine." Click. Uh Oh.

He informs me that an emergency appointment will cost us an extra $40 over a Monday appointment. So we inform the kids that if they get cold to put on an extra layer and sit under a blanket (preferably the brand new ones I got for them at Menard's the day after Thanksgiving for $1.85 each!)

So last night I wasn't cold sleeping. However, I did put two extra blankets on my bed and sleep in long johns under my winter pajamas. I also wore socks to bed. This morning the current temperature is 57 degrees F in the house as I wait for the furnace guy to come. I am still wearing long johns under my clothes and I also have my winter coat on (never took it off after taking my kids to school). I hope he gets here soon.

Update:The furnace guy was here and we have heat again!!!

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Brendan said...

Are you mocking me? I kinda think you are. . .