Friday, November 16, 2007

Why Autumn Is Called Fall

I woke up this morning to a very cold and fairly gray looking morning. I went downstairs to make lunches for my two school aged kids and looked out the sliding glass doors to our backyard. We have two maples that have lovely yellow leaves that as of yesterday hadn't fallen off. Last night changed that. On the ground all around the trunk was a carpet of yellow leaves around both trees.

I then got back to my morning chores of pouring cereal into bowls, doling out vitamins, making sure morning snacks were packed into backpacks. After everyone was dressed, teeth brushed and coats put on and zipped up, we headed out the door to go to school. My kids school is in an older neighborhood with many beautiful and mature trees. Everywhere I looked I could see leaves fluttering calmly to the ground. Today must have been the days the leaves were supposed to fall, because they were falling all around me. It was really stunning to witness. What made it even more spectacular was that there was no wind blowing, so I knew these leaves were falling because it was time to fall, not because of some blustery weather.

I pointed out to Zoe some yards where I could not see one inch of grass, only yellow and brown leaves everywhere. She seemed fascinated and started to look at all the trees and yards with me. We watched as leaves floated to the ground at every corner. She told me it looked like it was "raining leaves." It was an apt description.

I just felt so blessed to have witnessed this beauty of nature. I was truly awed by God's amazing creation and so thankful to have gotten to witness it this morning.

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