Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I Stand Corrected

When my sister, Leanne, and I were kids we ate a lot of Cheerios. My mom did not buy sugary cereals, so we usually had Cheerios, Corn Flakes and Grape Nuts in the house. We both hated Grape Nuts, and Corn Flakes were fine, but Cheerios was definitely our cereal of choice. (We also did not get a hot breakfast, it was cereal, that's it.)

My two brothers on the other hand were big Grape Nuts eaters. Leanne and I not only thought they sounded disgusting, looked disgusting and tasted disgusting, but that they also emitted a horrible smell when my brothers ate them. There was nothing anyone could do to get us to eat Grape Nuts.

Our feelings were echoed by my brothers when it came to eating Cheerios. Never would a Cheerio enter their bowls. They also complained regularly that Cheerios stunk. They rarely missed an opportunity to tell either myself or Leanne that our bowl of cereal smelled terrible and to move away from them.

Well, fast forward 25 years and while there still are no Grape Nuts to be found in my household, my two daughters (though funnily enough, not my son) are big fans of Honey Nut Cheerios. My son even complains from time to time that his sister's cereal stinks. I just waved it off and figured it was a boy/ girl thing.

Until today. Zoe sits behind me in the car and today was eating Honey Nut Cheerios dry. As we were heading to school, the smell of Honey Nut Cheerios wafted forward towards my seat. It was not a nice smell. I might even dare to say that it stunk.

And now I'm forced to do something most little sisters would never do. I have to admit my brothers were right, Cheerios do stink.

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