Friday, March 14, 2008

It Just Makes Me Laugh

I know I shouldn't find this funny, and I know it probably reflects poorly on my parenting, but Zoe did something today that just made me laugh.

Every Friday I babysit one of my friend's daughters, we'll call her M. She is three, exactly one year younger than Zoe. They get along well and play together a lot. This afternoon they were playing Barbie and M said, "Pretend her is going to sleep." When she got no response from Zoe, M repeated herself, "Pretend her is going to sleep," at least four or five times.

Zoe, who was busy trying to put feet on her sister's Bratz doll (don't judge!), finally says in an exasperated voice, "Okay, go already!"

Sounds a lot like me when I'm forced to play Barbie. Ooops!


-Ann said...

Between the barbie story and the batman cake, Zoe is a girl after my own heart. In fact, when I was her age, I wanted to marry Batman. Meeting him in Sea World and getting my picture taken was the high point of my young life.

Unknown said...

I thought you were going to say that she didn't answer because she was pretending to be asleep. :)

Shelly said...

Now this is a story I have lived many times with my kids too! Thanks for providing a good laugh!