Monday, June 23, 2008

Fun Monday - Wardrobe Edition

HulaGirlatHeart is our thoughtful hostess this week. Her assignment is the following:

We all have at least one or two items of clothing that we can’t part with, even if we can’t or don’t wear them. I want to know about yours.

I wanted to get pictures, but this has been an incredibly hectic weekend. So, I have to describe the few items I cannot part with.

First item is a green blazer. I know, blazers are soooo out. But here's the thing. I'm really tall, and most clothes don't fit me properly unless I order a tall from the store. When blazers were really in (in the 90's sometime) my mom ordered me a blazer from JC Penney's in a tall, and it fit so perfectly. I was in heaven! I mean, a blazer of my own that actually fit the way it was supposed to. I honestly thought I would probably never own one. So now, despite the fact that I haven't worn it in years, it still hangs in my closet.

Second item, my high school letter jacket. I was a three sport letterman in high school (cross country, basketball, track) as well as having academic letters. My coat was navy blue with gold leather sleeves (all the girl athletes got boy's jackets - leaving the girl's high school jackets for cheerleaders, band members and majorettes) and had my name embroidered on the front in gold thread. When I went to college I removed all the letters and my high school's name and had my college name embroidered on it (John Carroll). The colors just happened to be the same as my high school's colors.

I have several T-shirts from high school that I still wear when working out or mowing the grass. One is a cross country long sleeve T-shirt, one is my state T-shirt from track when my relay team went to the Ohio State track championships - it has Snoopy wearing running gear on it, and one is a Harry Connick, Jr. T-shirt from college.

I have a few other things, too. But I have another busy week ahead and want to go to bed. Now go check out everyone else's clothes they can't get rid of!


Molly said...

The clothing that you have kept does have some memories. The Snoopy track championship shirt is something that you will probably keep forever.

Hootin' Anni said...

Hey....t shirts from high school would be fabulous. Ummmmm, if I had mine they'd be full of moth holes by now....that's how long it's been since I was in high school.

And I still wear blazers. Now you're telling me they're 'out'? Oh oh.

My fun monday is shared.

Anonymous said...

Dude, don't you watch What Not to Wear?! Blazers are always in!! They complete the look. That and for me I like them because they cover the muffin top.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Don't you love something that actually fits and fits well? It's so rare that that happens. Glad to see I'm not the only one hanging on to high school t-shirts. At least you earned yours!

Anonymous said...

WE have a green blazer hanging in our downstairs closet that is used for St. Patrick's Day...isn't there some famous golf tournament that gives those things away?
My school colors were blue and gold, too. I never had a letterman's jacket...I had the letters but no jacket. If I could find my letters, I would go buy a jacket and put them on it just for the heck of it. I always thought the guys looked so cool in them.
I wonder how many t-shirts were posted today as clothing item keepsakes?

Jo Beaufoix said...

Those all sound fantastic. I love that you still have the blazer, it's so good to get something that really fits well. Like Nikki said, I bet you could still wear it. :D

Cruise Mom said...

I'm tall too -- love those JC Penney talls! I love blazers too, and I still wear a lot of mine (those that fit) from 10 or 15 years ago.

Anonymous said...

uh blazers, blazers were optional and only the rich kids could afford them!! I wish i had a blazer in high school. your post brought memories

daddy d said...

Blazers are very classical cool. Wow, that was a super high school sports career.

Melanie said...

It's funny all of the memories our old clothes can bring back.

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Sayre said...

There is something magical about clothing that fits you perfectly! Hang on to that blazer!

Anonymous said...

I almost posted my letter jacket. Why do we hang onto those things! :-O