Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I made pancakes and scrambled eggs for my family for dinner tonight. This is a frequent favorite in my house, I like it because it is easy and no complaints from the diners. As I made the pancakes tonight, I thought how I could run a pancake house. Okay, maybe not run one, but I have all kinds of great ideas for pancakes.

I used to always make the pancakes with Bisquick, until one day I had extra buttermilk leftover from another recipe. I didn't want to waste it, so I looked up how to make real buttermilk pancakes in my old Betty Crocker cookbook. My husband immediately noticed the difference and said he preferred the "real" buttermilk ones. So I now usually buy buttermilk and make "real" ones, though I still have Bisquick on hand for times when I just need an easy dinner and can't get to the store.

For the last couple of years I have made my family's pancakes first, then with the remaining batter I make myself about three pancakes with a little something added in. At first I started simple, a little cinnamon. I discovered it was good. In fact, I no longer wanted plain pancakes, I wanted interesting pancakes. So I continued experimenting. I've added pumpkin and cinnamon, mini chocolate chips (the kids love this one), coconut (not so good), pecans (delicious), and even oatmeal.

But tonight, I added something new. Something delicious and tasty. I added some crumbled almond paste. After one taste I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Honestly, it was that good. If I had had some slivered almonds, I would have thrown those in as well, and I'm sure it would have only made them that much better.

I love experimenting with different ingredients in pancakes. I had some amazing granola pancakes at a little pancake house in my hometown several years ago. I think it was that experience that made me want to try my own ideas at home. Unfortunately for me, neither my husband nor my children are adventurous with their pancakes. I would love to share the experience of new and exciting pancake flavors with someone. But even if I never do, at least I'M enjoying the flavors.

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