Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bullet Points From My Week

- Why are people rude? I was in the self-checkout at Meijer, checking myself out, and a woman approaches the checkstand. I continue scanning my groceries, then my coupons, and finally I pay. As soon as I tear my receipt and coupons out of the machine, she begins scanning her items. She send them down into my groceries without even attempting to wait or separate them. Fortunately the nice woman working at Meijers came and put the separator bar between our orders (I was too busy pushing her stuff away so I could quickly bag my groceries without taking any of hers!)

- My son, while not yet figuring out that Santa isn't real, has figured out a few things about the old man. When I brought up the fact to the girls (in front of Ian) that Santa watches their behavior and sees if they are naughty or nice, Ian gave a little smirk. He followed the smirk with the comment that Santa doesn't watch him too closely. I asked him why he said that. He answered (while rolling his eyes), "Mooooom, I've been getting presents for nine years."

- Zoe watched an old Christmas Blue's Clues today. While in the van on the way to Meijer, she asked me what the boy's name on the show was. I told her it was Steve and she said, "Oh yeah, Steve. I'm Steve's honey." I asked her what she meant. She said, "What are you to Daddy?" I answered between giggles, "I'm Dad's honey, that's right."

- I made three dozen cookies for our local homeless shelter on Tuesday. I'll be sharing the recipe with you tomorrow.

- My first grade daughter read a petition at church this morning and did a great job. I was so glad I could be there to see and hear her.

- I forgot to remove the foil from the broiler of my gas oven on which I cooked pork tournedoes last night. I didn't realize it despite the burning smells until black smoke was pouring out of the top vent in my oven. Needless to say the french fries were inedible (I saved the beans-n-franks) and I burned my rubber gloves for washing dishes and fused burnt foil to my brand new $5 slippers I bought on Black Friday. I'm not happy about the slippers. Not one bit!

- I still need to go Christmas shopping.


Brendan said...

But who fixed up your slippers for you?

Let me answer.

Your wonderful husband, that's who.

I'm so great.

Irish Coffeehouse said...

No Mr. Brendan. Heather's wonderful husband didn't fix her slippers! Heather's *Honey* did! ;o)

Your kids are too cute! I mean presents for nine years??? He certainly has a good point Mom!!!! lol