Friday, December 12, 2008

So Little, So Profound

This morning, Zoe watched an episode of The Backyardigans. Later when we were making gingerbread cookies together she said, "Tasha and Uniqua didn't know what Christmas was all about. They were trying to figure it out."

Me: They didn't know what Christmas is about?

Zoe: No. But I do. It's when we celebrate baby Jesus' birthday.

Me: That's right! Did Uniqua and Tasha figure that out?

Zoe: No. They just thought it was about having fun and spending time with friends. They didn't know about baby Jesus' birthday, but I do. That's bad that they don't know.

Me: But I'm really glad you know what Christmas is about.

Zoe: Me, too.

From the mouths of babes.


Unknown said...

Oh that's so cute. My daughter understood that up until this year. It's now all "I want"- so we are working on being humble right now.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Thanks for sharing that sweet story.

I hope you'll join us for Fun Monday. It's not too late.



Anonymous said...

What a precious story. Don't you just love how our babies interpret things and then make us better adults?

Irish Coffeehouse said...

Good for her! And you for instilling the true meaning of the holiday! :o)

Alison said...

that is very sweet...I love moments like that!!