Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What Is Your Best April Fool's Joke?

My parents are in visiting from Ohio. As my mom sat at the breakfast table this morning, she told Zoe to, "Watch out! There's a bug right there!" and pointed at the floor by Zoe's feet. Zoe fell hook line and sinker as my mom said, "April Fool's."

The kids all giggled and Zoe started planning. About five minutes later Zoe walked up to my mom and said, "Look outside, there's a flying Grandma!" My mom, being the good grandma that she is, looked out the window and pretended to be surprised that there was no flying grandma. Zoe shouted, "April Fools" and we all had a good laugh.


Living Life said...

Very cute! I got my two girls with "there is a spider on you"! They both freaked out!

Happy be-lated "All Fool's Day!"

Irish Coffeehouse said...

lol What a cute story!

I don't think I've ever done any good ones! I just can't seem to get the hubs with them. But I do try! lol

Unknown said...

I never got into April fools, though once I placed a remote control fart machine in my coworkers cubicle. (Hid it between newspapers.) It provided 8 hours of fun!