Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The First Day Of The First Grade

Ian started first grade today. Sometimes I'm still amazed that I have a kid in first grade! Ian slept in until 6:45 this morning and when he got up he didn't seem thrilled with the idea of going to school. But, after some breakfast and a little pep talk, he got ready and we left at 8:00 AM to get to school. I took two pictures of him outside our house and then we were on our way.

The public schools in our district were starting today, too, so there were a lot of people on the roads. On the way to Ian's school, Our Lady of Good Counsel, is East Aurora High School, as well as the roads to two elementary schools in the district. I knew the parking lot at Good Counsel would be crazy, so I wanted to get there in good time. As we were nearing the road we turn onto to get to school, I saw a bus with its flashing lights going. Our district has no busing except for handicapped students, so I knew this was going to be longer than most stops. Wanting to get Ian to school without having to rush him, I turned down an earlier street so we wouldn't have to wait for the bus. When I got back to the next road, I turned left thinking I could take the road behind the school. Much to my horror the road was closed due to construction. So, I turn back the other direction and get stuck behind a digger truck going very slow. I was getting a bit agitated at this point. As soon as we get to the street we can turn on to get to the school I gun it. I can see the lot is overflowing, so I pull over to a side street and proceed to unload the kids. Emma and Ian got out on the sidewalk side, while I grabbed Zoe. I walk around the van to see Emma perched precariously at the edge of the road, just on the sidewalk. I tell her not to go, and she steps into the street in front of an oncoming van. (It was a little ways away, but too close for my comfort!) I yell at her to get back on the sidewalk when the driver waves us across and we get to the parking lot. Ian is now lagging behind, feeling the nerves that are twisting in his stomach. We rush through the lot and try to find his class. The sun is blinding, and Ian who wears glasses and has sensitive eyes is complaining he can't see a thing. We locate his line, and as I guide him to the line with a hand on his back, I can feel him pushing against me. I finally get him in line and join the other moms watching their little ones go to school. We all agree the summer went fast, but we're all fairly happy to see school start again. Ian's line is the first to enter the building, and Ian either doesn't notice them going in (not uncommon for him) or doesn't want to go. Another first grader's mom, whose child is crying and happens to be in line behind Ian, is telling him to go in, and ends up nudging him to get him to go. This is not exactly how I wanted our morning to go.

After a quick visit with Sister Maryann, Emma's nun friend from school, we head back home. At 11:30 we pick Ian up (just a half day today) and he is in great spirits. He gave Emma a hug and told me his first day went great and that he was starving. He mentioned that his teacher, Ms. Bennett, is really nice and there are two new students in his class. He said there are only sixteen students and this is the smallest class his teacher has ever had. He is excited, and I am too. I have heard nothing but great things about Ms. Bennett, and her letter home today about the class is very encouraging. Ian is looking forward to a great year, and so am I.

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