Monday, August 08, 2005

Pink For Me

The first week Brendan was at his new job, they had a summer social activity on that Friday. While there, the employees were allowed to choose one of two raffles to enter their name into. Brendan put his name in for a gift certificate to the Apple Store. Well, as luck would have it, he won. Generously, he offered to let me get an iPod shuffle or iPod mini, whichever I would like. Well, yesterday we ventured out to the Apple Store in Oakbrook and I got my pink 4 gig iPod mini. I absolutely love it!

I have already put 251 songs on it (it can hold around 1000) and have listened to it quite a bit. I wasn't sure whether I wanted the mini or the shuffle, but after going to the store I couldn't resist the lure of the cute colors and ability to see my music onscreen. The shuffle, while an amazing product, just didn't excite me the way the mini did. It felt like a lego toy to me, which is mindblowing when you realize something so tiny can hold 240 songs. I remember my first Walkman (used with cassette tapes) and it's cousin, the Discman. I remember how cool I thought it was that I could listen to my music virtually anywhere. How limiting those products were! Not only did you have to take the clunky walkman with you, but all the tapes you wanted to listen to, too. And what about mix tapes?

But I digress. The mini is great! I can now listen to so much music. I have tons of old CD's that I rarely listen to, mainly because they are in the basement and because on many of them there are only four or five songs I want to listen to. With three kids to chase after all the time, searching out a CD in the basement to listen to a few songs, only to have one of your kids say, "Can we listen to The Wheels on the Bus now?" isn't high on my priority list. But now, once I get all my music on the computer, I'll be able to listen to all my favorites anytime, whether on random or by calling the songs up specifically. I also have bought several songs from iTunes, and love the ease and instant gratification it allows.

I also never thought I would be buying a pink mini, but it really is the cutest one. I know "cute" isn't necessarily important for one's mp3 player, but since it's available, why not? The blue and silver did nothing for me, so it came down to the green and pink. Both are nice, but pink beat green up close.

I'm going to be listening to a lot of good music.

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