Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tea Party

I talked to my mom yesterday to check and see how Ian was doing without his bunny. When I called, she and the eight grandchildren in attendance were having a tea party. She said they made cookies and were now having Snapple tea and cookies. When I mentioned this to my husband in front of our three year old daughter, Emma, she expressed her desire to have a tea party. I told her we could have one today, and that is exactly what we did.

We first prepared by making some sugar cookies from a mix. Emma cracked the egg all by herself and poured the melted butter into the bowl. She then stirred up the ingredients with a spoon and explained to me that when one of her arms got tired, she switched to the other arm. When she was done stirring, I finished up and we moved to rolling dough, dipping it in colored sugar, and placing it on the cookie sheets. My cookies were circular in shape, and fairly uniform in size. Emma's more unique cookies were long and thin, sometimes straight or sometimes wiggly. I chose green sugar to dip mine in, hers were mostly pink. Towards the end we both got adventurous and had two-toned cookies.

While the cookies were baking, Emma chose a Kool-Aid flavor (lemonade) and we mixed it up (with her pouring in the Kool-Aid and the sugar and stirring, of course.) During this time, Emma's 17 month old sister, Zoe, woke up. We got her up and waited for the cookies to be done and then cool. Now the fun could begin!

I carried our card table upstairs, took it outside to the backyard and put it under our tent. Emma helped me carry out the supplies for our tea party and we were set. We enjoyed lemonade and cookies in the shade and had a lot of fun. Emma was impressed that we used "glass" (Corelle) mugs and demonstrated for me how she could drink it using only one hand. Emma and Zoe both sat like little ladies for at least ten minutes while we drank and talked about what fun tea parties are.

I think we will definitely have to do this again.

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