Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ballerinas Everywhere

Today was visiting day at Emma's ballet class. All the moms came equipped with cameras and camcorders at their side ready to record every moment of the 30 minutes our "precious little angels" would be spinning, twirling, and leaping. I, of course, was no exception. I had Zoe with one hand and the digital camera with the other hand. I also brought along an extra visitor, my father-in-law, Emma's Grandpa. He was the only man in the room, prompting Miss Candi, the teacher to say, "Wave to your moms and dads." Emma was thrilled he was there, and I appreciated that he took time to come see her.

Watching a class of eight 3 year olds dressed in their pink ballerina finest was truly enjoyable. The class impressed me with what was being taught. Miss Candi used the proper ballet terminology and really worked on the steps and positions, all in a very fun and pre-school friendly way. A few of the girls were off in their own little world, occasionally doing what was asked of them when called by name. I couldn't quite tell if those girls were acting different because Mom and Grandma were there to watch them, or if every class is like that for them. Emma seemed to follow most of the moves and listened pretty well. She occasionally got lost when staring at what other girls were doing, but usually was right on the ball when it came to doing what the teacher asked.

Emma was very proud of herself when class was done. She likes her class a lot, even though she says she can't do all the moves. Even though her grand pliers weren't perfect and her leaps far from graceful, I know I was proud of her. I think her Grandpa was, too.

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