Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I Did My Part

Today you can go out to eat and the proceeds will go to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Go to the Dine For America website and find a participating restaurant near you.

I took the girls to Caribou Coffee and enjoyed an iced Mint Condition, while they each had an apple juice. After shopping at Kohl's next door, we decided to take a break and since Caribou was a part of the Dine For America campaign, it made a good excuse for me to stop and get a drink. I have never been to a Caribou before, but I must say I am very impressed. The servers were friendly and the place was very clean and bright. I took my time navigating the new menu and ordered a delicious coffee drink. Towards the back of the store was a chalkboard stocked with chalk, small table and chairs, and two stuffed bears that the kids could play on. They even had a few highchairs available for use. Emma had a great time climbing on the bears and told me she was going to ride on one to McDonald's. Zoe enjoyed sorting the chalk from one cup to the other at the little table. It was really nice.

Now, I haven't been to a lot of Starbucks, but I have never seen one with things geared towards children. With so many Starbucks being located in suburban areas, and serving lots of suburban moms, you'd think they would cater more to them. Unfortunately Caribou is not located in a grocery store where I get a free drink after buying seven drinks like Starbucks is, or near me like the other Starbucks in my area is. Caribou's prices are competitive and the drinks are great. I doubt I will drink there often however, because the convenience factor just isn't there.

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