Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Better Than A Gameboy

I gave Ian $5 to spend at his school's book fair yesterday. He picked a good book for his reading level and was very excited about reading it. It was about knights and their fight to be king. He started reading it in school, took it out to read in the van on the way home, and finished reading it while standing in the garage while his sisters played outside. He was very excited about it.

While I was out working bingo last night, he picked it up to read again. This morning after getting ready for school, he took up where he left off last night and again brought it in the van and read it on the way to a doctor's appointment and on the way to school. I made a comment to him that it must be a really good book for him to be reading it twice in two days.

His response was, "I like this book as much as my Gameboy. I like some books even more than my Gameboy."


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