Monday, October 31, 2005

Getting Dressed

Emma is getting dressed by herself now. She is adamant about doing it herself and actually does quite a good job. It's nice for me, all I have to do is lay out her clothes and she takes care of it herself. Two kids down, one to go!

This morning, she ran upstairs to ask me if she had her pants on the right way. (They're leggings, so she wanted to know if the tag was in the back.) When I checked, the pants were on right, but she had no underwear on! She went downstairs to go put her underwear back on, and the next time she came to check if everything was on right, she had a few more mistakes. This time her underwear was on, but she had one leg through the waist, one through the other leghole, and around her waist was the other leghole! Her pants were on the right way (tag in back) but inside out! She was mad at me for making her take it off and put it all on the right way.

It must be nice to know your waist can fit through the leghole of your undies!

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