Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Desserts

I was pressed into service once again for two desserts and one side dish for Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinners. Usually around this time of year I have visions of very fancy desserts, often involving lots of cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, and chocolate of some sort. But this year was different. I have been simplifying a lot during the Christmas season this year, meaning a few less presents for the kids, a lot less late night shopping trips, and not spending hours at looking for the most amazing and time consuming dessert recipe.

So here I present the two desserts we had this year, the Boston Cream Pie was for Christmas Eve and the Ice Cream Cake was for Christmas day.

You can find the recipe for this Boston Cream Pie here. It was a really great way to end Christmas Eve dinner.

This is my award winning (fourth place) recipe for Cookie Ice Cream Cake. Instead of vanilla and chocolate ice cream I used chocolate and peppermint. It tasted great and got lots of compliments.

I hope your Christmas desserts were delicious, too.


david santos said...

Nice posting, thank you,

I wish you a good end of 2007 and a good year of 2008.

Brendan said...

You might say that you kept things simple for your desserts, but I think it was your best double-dessert holiday ever.

I'm glad my parents sent us home with the leftovers both times.

Liz M said...

Hi Heather. I'm Liz Mouse. I used to work with Brendan at A friend of mine is having a baby shower and I'm one of the hosts. My job is to make a cake. I flipped through my cookbooks but wasn't really inspired by anything and then I remembered seeing your site once. I had made a mental note that you appear to be quite a cake making superstar. Do you have a shower cake recipe that you can share? You can visit me at Thanks!