Friday, February 15, 2008

Old Times

I was inspired by Heather over at Dooce to look through some old videos of the kids. Unfortunately, our camera was small and couldn't handle much video and we didn't really know what we'd ever do with the digital video, so there is not a lot. (Pictures - millions, videos - almost zilch) (Something I'm sure they'll take us to task over as they get older.)

But here are two blasts from the past. The first one is Emma apparently helping with the laundry. This is from May of 2003, so Emma is not quite 9 months old.

The next one is Ian doing what he does best, jumping around, acting silly and kicking invisible bad guys. This one's from November of 2003, making Ian a little over 4 years old. If you look carefully in the mirror you can see Brendan taking the video and Emma watching him.

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