Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Different Languages

I don't think I speak five year old girl very well.

For example: This morning I said, "Time to put shoes on." Meaning, put your shoes on it's time to go to school.

My five year old daughter must have heard something like, "Go ahead. Go get your doll, put a new outfit on her, then bug your little sister for two minutes. After you do all that, then it would be a good time to put your shoes on so we can get to school on time."

I was a five year old girl once, so I'm not sure how I lost the ability to speak her language clearly, but I obviously have.


Alison said...

sounds like my house...but I have a little boy who will start a lego creation..and a preteen girl who will take out her photo albums and start perusing them...ah...the challenges of parenthood...it never ends!!

j said...

It doesn't get any better Heather. My kids have yet to reach the age when they hang on my every word and rush to do my bidding.. I'm still waiting though. :^D Jennifer