Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Alka-Seltzer Can't Help Me With This One

What a morning! The girls and I ran to Wal-Mart this morning because I had a list a mile long of household items that I needed to buy. First though, we had to stop at our doctor's office to show them our new insurance card, which we've had since August, and have been covered under since July. I have been with one kid or another to the doctor's office several times and know that I gave them the insurance card to copy. But of course, they didn't have said copy and have been billing Fortis insurance, who we had for about three months when Brendan was out of a job this summer. Needless to say, Fortis isn't paying a penny, hence my visit to provide up to date information. When I asked if they would re-bill the "new" insurance company for all the services they billed Fortis, the receptionist said they would once it was in the system. She then proceeded to tell me that they don't know when peoples' insurance changes, and we have to let them know this. I smiled nicely while telling Emma to wait one more minute before I could take her to the bathroom and informing the receptionist that I had given them the card to copy back at the beginning of August.

Anyways, with that out of the way we headed over to Wal-Mart. Emma and Zoe were quite well-behaved. I wasn't frazzled or worn out when we got to the check-out counter. And with the exception of Zoe crying after Emma showed her the bag of oatmeal cookies we were purchasing (she wanted one, but I said "no") it was a really nice trip.

Then we went to check out. I was in a fairly quickly moving lane, the checker seemed friendly, and Emma was chirping on about how much she loves Spaghettios as she placed the cans on the conveyor belt for me. I had at least half of my cart unloaded and the checker had started to ring up my items when I noticed my wallet was missing. I knew I had it because I had gotten my insurance card out of it at the doctor's office. I told the lady checking me out and she said to go look for it in my van, and if it wasn't there to go to customer service. I was getting a little agitated at this point, I don't handle stress particularly well. I grabbed the girls, the diaper bag, and their two stuffed animals and went out to the van. Not there. I went in and checked at the Service Desk. Not there. I didn't cry, but I had tears in my eyes and my voice was all shaky. As I was looking into any place my wallet might have been, the checker lady was putting all of my items back in my cart. (It took me 1 1/2 hours to get all that stuff.)

I left my information at the Service Desk and decided I would go back to the doctor's office to see if I had left it there. Before I left the store, though, I decided to look around in the aisles I had been in. I walked with the girls, looking in the different departments. Emma was a great source of support. "Maybe we'll find it here. Oh, I hope we do." I, on the other hand was the voice of gloom and doom. "I hope we find it too, but I don't think we will." We looked in five or six different places when we came to the sewing notions aisle. I had put a spool of black thread in my cart and thought maybe I lost my wallet here. I started down the aisle when I spied it! There it was! My green wallet was on the floor at the other end of the sewing aisle! I was thrilled! Emma was, too! Everything was still there and I wouldn't have to cancel all my credit cards after all.

On top of the good fortune of finding my wallet, my cart was still in the checkout lane, fully packed but just pulled over to the side. After informing the people at the Service Desk and my checkout lady, I piled all the items back onto the conveyor belt and checked out. What a relief!

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