Friday, September 02, 2005


I am absolutely appalled at the conditions that the hurricane victims in New Orleans are enduring. I don't understand how a country like the U.S. can't get in there and get those people out. That being said, how the hell can people there shoot at rescue workers, rape and beat people, and push people out of the way to get on a bus out of the city. I am appalled. I have never been in a disaster situation, thankfully, but what would make you rape and beat people as well as shoot at the groups that are trying to help you? The people are all on TV complaining how there is no water, food, ice, and yet they shoot at the very helicopters and rescue workers there to deliver those very things? I don't understand it, I really don't. It moves me to tears to see the mothers with their tiny children crying in desperation, the families with elderly relatives no longer responding. How can the "me" mentality be so strong as to obscure the right from wrong that must be going on in peoples' heads? I am afraid there are going to be few stories when this is over of how people came together to overcome the massive destruction of Hurricane Katrina.

Brendan wrote a great commentary on this same subject. Read it here.

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